Q: How do I check my order status?
A: Click on "My Account" / (your profile name), then check under "Order history and details". To view the status history, comments and tracking data of an order click on "View". You can print an Invoice by clicking on "Print" on the Order details page.

Q: What does "Pending" mean?
A: Your order is either awaiting verification or credit card processing.

Q: What does "IN PROCESS OF SHIPMENT" mean?
A: Once your credit card has been authorized, your order status will be "Processing". The order is awaiting for shipment. Usually the order is ship 12- 24 hours after being process.

Q: What does "Shipped" mean?
A: Your payment has been received and we have shipped your order. Orders can not be cancelled or refund now. 

Q: What does "Not Processed" mean?
A: reserves the right to deny any service at its own discretion and without any reasons. Another case, If we cannot contact you at the email address you provided. We also take part in a global loss prevention Blacklist project. If your details match an entry in the blacklist, we will not accept orders from you.

Q: My order history is showing more than one shipping date, why is that?
A: There is only one shipping date for each order, that date where your order history has the comment "Shipped on (DATE) from (COUNTRY)". After the order has been shipped, there might be new entries to your order history, but the status would remain the same: Shipped.

                                                               Shipping Questions

Q: How do you ship? What carrier is used?
A: We ship daily from Mondays to Saturday, from several locations. Orders received on weekends will be shipped the following business day. We use registered air mail and the supplies are delivered by the postal service. In some cases, a signature will be required upon arrival.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
A: Flat shipping rate is $30.00 USD and shipping will be free on orders over $300.00 USD.

Q: Can you "overnight" my order?
A: Overnight delivery is not possible. Unfortunately currently we do not have this service.

Q: Can you use FedEx/DHL or UPS for my order?
A: No products can be shipped by FedEx or other couriers at present.

Q: Why do the Generic pills I received look different?
A: The pills you order from us will look a bit different than brand name equivalents. Our drugs do not look the same as the brand name products, even though they have the same active ingredient and work in the exact same way. In addition, the same brand name pill may look different if it was manufactured in a different country. For example, Xanax can come in any shape and color; even the flavor might change a bit but these are only excipients. Pills may also come in plastic bags or boxes, to ensure more privacy.

Q: How long will it take until I get my order?
A: It depends on where you are and what you order. Customer Service will give you the detailsby e-mail once your order has been processed. As an approximate guide, 7 - 10 days will work for most countries including the USA. These are estimates only; we cannot be more specific as we do not have control over the efficiency of the postal service -USPS- . Please only contact us if your order has not arrived after 15 days from the shipping date found in your order history (found when logging into your account).

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We have different suppliers around the world. Usually the order is shipped from Asia and Europe, and sometimes from U.S., depends on available stock, the product you want to sort, the possibility that the order does not stay in office, etc.

Q: What does your "shipping guarantee" mean?
A: If your order has not arrived after 15 days, please contact us and we will look into it and track the shipment. We will offer you at our sole discretion, one of the following options: refund or free-reshipment. The option offered to you will be determined after consulting with you and according to your previous order history and our loss prevention guidelines. We welcome your feedback after the arrival of your order, it allows us to estimate better the average shipping time for other customers.

Q: Do you ship to the UK / Canada / Europe?
A: We can dispatch to UK or Europe without any problem, depending on the product you wish to order. Canada is currently disabled because the complications that exist to pass customs and you receive the order.

Q: What happens if I am not home to sign for my order?
A: The delivery person will leave a slip or card at your delivery address and you can pick your order up from the post office that is serving your area. In some cases you can arrange a re-delivery. If you have not been notified, you may ask the post office if there is an item waiting for you. Orders returned or rejected will NOT be received by us, do not return any medications, they might get lost and you will not receive a refund.

                                     Billing Questions

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We work with Western Union and Money Gram, where you will receive a 30% increase in the total amount of pills. Another option could be paying through Bitcoins, where you will receive 15% increase in the total amount of pills. No other methods are accepted at the moment.

Q: How secure is ordering from the Internet?
A: For your security we are using SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer). This technology encrypts all communication between the sites secured pages and your computer making it safe to submit personal (e.g paypal, credit card) information. We have chosen to use 256 bit encryption, which is one of the strongest, more secure security methods available.

Q: Your privacy policy covers the issue of fraud. How is fraud defined?
A: The following scenarios are definitions of fraud: a) Non-payment of shipped orders b) using a third party credit card without cardholders consent c) providing false contact information d) requesting charge-back orreversal of credit card charges for orders that have been duly referred by us and shipped.

                                     Product Questions

Q: I need some products that are not shown on your site. Can you get them for me?
A: Possibly yes, please email with the details of the medication and preferred brand name and the dosage you need. We will notify you by email once we have added the product to our web site, so you'll be able to place your order.

Q: You offer brand name medicines and generics. Are generics of the same quality as the originalbrand name product?
A: Generics are usually of the same quality as the original but they are manufactured by different companies and have different (more affordable) prices. In most cases, we provide both, the original and the generic product, so you may choose your preferred option.

Q: What is your policy on product substitution?
A: If you have ordered brand name product, and we run out of stock or there is any problem with your order, we will contact you, and you will choose how to proceed. If you have ordered generic product and there is a problem or we sold out of the generics, we will upgrade to brand name product without any extra charges. For example, if you order generic diazepam and we are out of stock, we will charge you the lower price of diazepam but ship Roche Valium at no extra cost.

                                       General Questions

Q: Why is .US (USA) extension in your domain name?
A: Our domain does not mean that we are based in USA, but we choose domain with US extension because USA is our main market and we are very familiar with USA deliveries. Our 57% traffic is from USA 18% from UK and other 25% from other countries. We also do US to US domestic shipping for some products (depends on stock available in USA warehouse).

Q: Who or what is
A: is an online pharmacy dedicated to giving you convenient access to your pharmaceutical needs with minimum hassle and at reasonable prices. does not only want to have you as a customer, but keep you as a customer. does not advocate the use of any particular drug. We are in the business of ensuring that you have access to the drugs your physician has advised you to take. We handle customer service and billing, and we negotiate with overseas pharmacies to ensure your satisfaction. We aim to respond to all customer queries in less than twelve hours. Our customer service will be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and provide shipping guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Q: Is it legal to order prescription drugs over the Internet?
A: does not offer legal advice. In most countries it is legal to order medicine online if the quantity in the shipment you are receiving does not exceed a 90 day supply for personal medical use and you are under the supervision of a physician. Please verify local regulations before placing an order. 

Q: How does the order process work?
A: After submitting your order successfully, we will process your order internally. You can see the status of your order until it has been shipped in your order details after logging in. You can checkup on the status of your last ten orders by logging in to the website with your e-mail address and password.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: No, we do not accept insurance.

Q: My order was rejected because I am blacklisted, what is this and how do I get off the list?
A: One of our partner pharmacies might have added your details to the blacklist, for example if you disputed a payment, threatened to dispute a payment or reported unusual losses to your address. The same thing works the other way around, we will notify the fraud to partner pharmacies as well as the bank and credit card institution. You might be able to get off the blacklist by paying owed money to the pharmacy that blacklisted you. You are not going to be able to place an order with your credit card, but we will offer you another payment method.
Q: If I create an account / login with your site, do you charge a membership fee?
A: No, we do not charge for or offer any type of membership. We only charge for your orders, once they have been submitted.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Our head office is located at Lahore. We source our medication from reputable whole salers and manufacturers around the world. All our products are made by respectable pharmaceutical companies and are shipped in original packaging.

Q: Do you offer automatic refills?
A: No, we do not offer automatic refills. If you wish to order again, please place a new order through our web site.
Q: I am having technical difficulties with your website or reaching customer service.
A: Some ISPs are filtering e-mail from our help-desk system. If you do not get correspondence from us upon placing your order or sending an e-mail enquiry, check your "spam filter" settings on your e-mail account and try e-mailing customer service from an alternative address. Customerservice can be e-mailed from the contact us page on this web site. Alternatively you can contact us at +92-322-6143436